UOB Management Associate Programme

Programme Overview

The UOB Management Associate Programme is designed to nurture our next generation of leaders across the region. To be a UOB Management Associate, you will be someone with a drive for excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of ethics. Over a period of 24 months, you will undergo an accelerated induction experience to fast-track your career in the banking industry. This is where you will learn and appreciate different aspects of the business, within one of our business segments or corporate functions of your choice. Applications for our Management Associate Programme begin in the second half of every year.


What we look for in a UOB Management Associate:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  • No more than two years of work experience
  • An impressive track record in leadership
  • Fluency in English and preferably a second language


You will take on significant responsibilities right from the beginning, and resolve real-life, real-time challenges along the way. In short, your performance will contribute to our success. You will achieve this as you build up a wide range of core competencies and technical skills through an accelerated and robust curriculum. This comprises structured classroom training on banking and the business of UOB. You will undergo job rotations that cover areas such as customer engagement and governance and control. You will also undertake a strategic corporate project where you will join a team to develop, recommend and execute Bank-wide initiatives, drive change and advance our growth in the region.

The UOB Management Associate Programme is designed to inculcate a regional mindset. There are many invaluable opportunities for regional exposure, where you can gain new perspectives and knowledge as you network and work with colleagues from the region. These include regional rotation for high-performing Management Associates and participation in cross-border and cross-functional regional projects. Through these platforms, you will get to meet fellow Management Associates and gain insights from the UOB leadership team.

You will receive strong support and guidance throughout your career with UOB. This starts with being assigned a Programme Manager, a Senior Manager as your mentor and a senior UOB Management Associate buddy. This support system lets you seek informal feedback on your professional and personal development, and prepares you for the successful completion of the programme.

There are ample opportunities to stretch your capabilities and potential with UOB. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the banking industry and access to the UOB leadership team. At the same time, you will enhance and expand your skill set to get ready for new challenges through our comprehensive suite of training programmes.

Find out what the UOB Management Associate Programme means to our alumni in their own words. 

Some said UOB MA program is one of the best things to start one’s career and I could not agree more. During my journey as a MA, I witnessed something very special about UOB; and not just about the bank itself, but about all the things and people surrounding it. One of the very tangible manifestations is that we are always given the route in which we can learn something. And through the program, generations of MAs had transformed themselves into outstanding people and leaders like only few places can be seen. And UOB MA Program definitely is a solid starting point for fresh graduates to become future business leaders.
Kenneth Chan, Hong Kong, Transaction Banking, MA2016 

The UOB Management Associate Programme is the bridge between fresh graduates and working life. The training, regional exposure and job rotations empowered me to explore my strengths and discover the right type of work for me. I also made new friends from different countries, which was a nice bonus.
Edrea Jessica Terutung, Indonesia, Commercial Banking, MA2015 

As a part of the MA program, I will always be pushed and there is never a dull moment. I feel like I am truly part of something big and making a true impact for the bank. I have a lot of responsibilities since I am involved in many projects. UOB MA is a great journey for me to grow successfully in the future. It is not just about the opportunities that I have been given but also about the networking/connection among the people that I have worked with.
Nattha Siriwansilpee, Thailand, Personal Financial Services, MA2016 

Having the right attitude is the most important attribute to being successful in the UOB Management Associate Programme. UOB is a nurturing organisation where people are willing to share their experiences and guide you to success, as long as you are willing to learn and work hard.
Nathan Pang, Singapore, Group Finance, MA2015 

The best way to stay motivated at work is to be passionate about what you do. The UOB Management Associate Programme nurtured my interest in the banking industry and cultivated a readiness to take on new challenges.
Reyna Ren Rui Jie, China, Commercial Banking, MA2016

The program challenged me to always go beyond my limits for every job rotation, assignments and projects that I worked on. The various trainings and regional project helped boost my skills along with the exposure to the Management level and the regional group, that allowed me to obtain a significant amount of knowledge about leadership and the Banking Industry.
Marisa Thea Della, Indonesia, Transaction Banking, MA2018

I had the opportunity to accelerate my learning curve through multiple job rotations, regional exposure and mentorship from senior colleagues, where I gained new perspectives and knowledge as I network with colleagues across the region.
Pannipa Wanaphaisitkool, Thailand, Corporate Banking, MA2019

I was presented with ample opportunities to learn about and to gain a holistic view of the banking industry through the MA Programme. The experiences that I have gained further affirmed my passion for banking. The guidance, encouragement and support of my seniors and peers helped propel me forward in my journey of becoming an all rounded banker.
Joey Goh, Singapore, Group Global Market Structuring, MA2020

Being part of UOB’s Management Associate programme was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The job rotations exposed me to the various aspect of banking as well as the dynamics and synergy between the various units within the bank, both locally and internationally. The senior leaders are accessible and mentored us personally to ensure that the MAs are progressing at the right pace. As a fresh graduate back then, these opportunities steepened the learning and experience curve exponentially, and there are lots more career growth and opportunities for MA Alumni after graduating from the programme!
Muhammad Arif bin Mohd Hodori, Malaysia, Islamic Banking, MA2017

A comprehensive and rigorous selection and assessment process is in place to help us identify ideal candidates for the UOB Management Associate Programme. This comprises ability tests as well as interviews with Human Resources and Senior Managers:

Step 1: Psychometric assessment
Step 2: Video interview
Step 3: Career Forum
Step 4: Panel interview
Step 5: Offer


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Applications for the Management Associate Programme are now closed and will open Q3/Q4 every year. Please click on 'View Jobs' to see a list of other available internships and graduate opportunities.

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