Emerging Stronger Together from COVID-19
Innovating Solutions for Customers' Life Stages and Lifestyles


Providing Customers with Seamless Connectivity Across Our Network

UOB has long believed in the fundamental strengths and prospects of ASEAN. As such, we have built a regional franchise to help our customers advance their businesses responsibly as they capitalise on the region’s economic potential and favourable demographics. Beyond overcoming the immediate economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN’s long-term development will continue to be driven by the diversification of global supply chains into the region, as well as multilateral collaborations such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Throughout our established network across ASEAN and Greater China, we help our customers to overcome the challenges of today and to emerge stronger tomorrow. With our unique combination of in-market presence, local insights and expertise, coupled with the partner ecosystems we forge, we help businesses sharpen their capabilities and connect them to opportunities in the region’s diversified markets.