2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Wisdom 02/07/18 Thailand

Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Thawul Praman
Title: Wisdom 02/07/18 Thailand
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size (cm): 130 x 115

Wisdom 02/07/18 Thailand is inspired by the incident of the group of boys from the Wild Boars Football Academy who were trapped for more than two weeks in the flooded Tham Luang Caves in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand while out on an excursion with their coach.

Under dire circumstances with seemingly little chance of survival, the team of young boys meditated with their coach on the Buddhist principles of ‘sati, samadhi and panna’ or ‘mindfulness, concentration and wisdom’ to survive the harrowing ordeal. By combining the rich visual mythology of Buddhism with elements representing the incident, the artist was able to depict the hope and strength of the survivors through his artwork here.

Artist’s Bio

Thawul Praman

Thawul Praman

Mr Praman is from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in his native country and his murals have graced the walls of many international hotels in Thailand as well as in Washington DC, USA.