2018 UOB Painting of the Year

What If God Was One of Us

Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Silas Oo Wei Sheng
Title: What If God Was One of Us
Medium: Archival ink on watercolour paper
Size (cm): 86 x 75

What If God Was One of Us is the artist’s attempt to portray the world he has created for himself.

Using only line drawing, the artist documents his life experiences and things that are significant to him in a quirky composition filled with interesting characters and scenarios. Line by line, the artist creates a bigger and clearer picture of his own identity through what he regards as a collage of his emotions and experiences. The choice of creating the artwork in black and white is also meant to depict the simplicity the artist longs for in his life.

Artist’s Bio

Silas Oo Wei Sheng

Silas Oo Wei Sheng

Mr Oo obtained his Diploma in Fine Arts from The One Academy, Penang, Malaysia in 2017. As a colour-blind individual, he feels that colours are not completely genuine and thus, tends to create artworks in black and white. Black and white paintings are his way of communicating and expressing himself without having to pretend to be someone he is not.