2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Urban Solitary

Established Artist Category


Artist: Hudi Alfa
Title: Urban Solitary
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size (cm): 160 x 180

Urban Solitary is a social commentary on the alarming consequences of rapid urbanisation in modern society today.

To the artist, the inability of urban areas to support its growing population and the rapid growth of industrial and technological development have resulted in serious environmental and social problems, such as deterioration in the air quality and environmental pollution. People living in these conditions become increasingly individualistic as they box themselves up in urban buildings and apartments, going through daily routines in poor environmental conditions. The result is the rise of solitary urban dwellers that have lost the ability to be social, depicted here as a lonely, helpless urban man who is forced to wear a mask in order to survive in a polluted, crowded city.

Artist’s Bio

Hudi Alfa

Hudi Alfa

Mr Alfa is an impressionist and realist painter. He likes to adopt a direct approach in his artworks in relation to his surroundings, resulting in artworks that explore various social issues that occur in society today.