2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Unexpected Results

Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Keane Tan Jin Howe
Title: Unexpected Results
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size (cm): 151 x 121

Unexpected Results is a series of sweet delights carefully composed and anthropomorphised, taking on the human form of a body, face and limbs.

To the artist, life is constantly present around humans, even when surrounded by inanimate objects. Here, the relationship between art and life is made evident through the physical creation of Unexpected Results, an artwork of popular objects consumed in daily life being brought to life by the artist’s hand, reflecting the artist’s belief that to be an artist is to believe in life.

Artist’s Bio

Keane Tan Jin Howe

Keane Tan Jin Howe

Mr Tan works in the medium of painting as it is slow, methodical and meticulous in its execution. This allows his ideas to be constructed and improved on to achieve his overall vision. To him, art is a form of expression that allows him to explore and capture ideas without having to forget or let go of them.