2018 UOB Painting of the Year

The Double Portrait

2018 Most Promising Artist of the Year
Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Koh Kai Ting
Title: The Double Portrait
Medium: Mixed media on panel (Polyester mesh and watercolour)
Size (cm): 66 x 106

In The Double Portrait, the artist depicts a goat as her main subject to visually make a play on the word ‘scapegoat’. Here, the artist focuses on creating a visual narrative to explore the intersection between socio-political pressures and the pursuit of individual happiness.

Using watercolour on polyester mesh fabric, the artist created a painting that draws attention to the struggle of those who are bullied and pressured to conform to societal norms at the expense of individual happiness. The message is conveyed through the image of a goat pierced by thorns to show the magnitude of suffering experienced at the hands of a bully, who often uses his or her victims as scapegoats to deflect their own inherent unhappiness.

Artist’s Bio

Koh Kai Ting

Koh Kai Ting

Ms Koh graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore with a Diploma in Fine Art. She has participated in group exhibitions in Singapore as well as in the Pulau Ketam International Art Festival in 2016.