2018 UOB Painting of the Year


Highly Commended
Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Ng Hoi Weng, Jonathan
Title: Spaces
Medium: Acrylic ink on canvas
Size (cm): 91 x 62

Spaces is made up of five separate pieces of painting, joined together to give an intimate view of specific spaces and objects belonging to the artist’s late mother and the impact her death had on his father.

These ‘lost love’ objects include a wardrobe of his mother’s old and new clothes; her shoe rack; the pills she used to take, now left untouched; plastic bags containing items she was reluctant to throw, and the labelled plastic drawers to remind her forgetful husband where the bed linen and his clothes are kept. These seemingly mundane and everyday items are made more poignant with the artist’s rendering of them on canvas, the creative process preserving the objects and the memories they represent, captured for posterity.

Artist’s Bio

Ng Hoi Weng, Jonathan

Ng Hoi Weng, Jonathan

Mr Ng explores a wide range of themes in his art, from notions of loss and grief to the importance of wildlife preservation. His aspiration is to use his art to speak to viewers on issues that inspire him, and to enable them to find meaning in his works.