2018 UOB Painting of the Year


Established Artist Category


Artist: Joanne Pang Rui Yun
Title: Slash
Medium: Mixed media on cotton (Acrylic and Chinese ink)
Size (cm): 140 x 150

Slash, the title of this painting, holds meaning as both a physical action and the symbol /, meaning ‘either or’.

As an action, slashing brings to mind the use of a quick, direct force that results in an impact. Here, the artist creates an image of force, dynamism and transformation with her painting technique and choice of medium. As a symbol, the idea of ‘either or’ can be seen figuratively through the artist’s movements between action and inaction during painting, the concept of time passing and stopping captured on the canvas. The result is a display of the creative process the artist goes through in her exploration of the state of becoming.

Artist’s Bio

Joanne Pang Rui Yun

Joanne Pang Rui Yun

Ms Pang graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013. Her art practice and research explore concepts of memory, structures and place, and she has held solo and group exhibitions in Singapore and across Europe.