2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Shocking Beauty is Goat #2

Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Danni Febriana
Title: Shocking Beauty is Goat #2
Medium: Charcoal on canvas
Size (cm): 90 x 100

Shocking Beauty is Goat #2 is a reflection of the social reality world in which we live in.

To the artist, the technological development of social media and the abundant sources of information available should be used as a bridge for the community to build global networks among individuals. However, this development has been interpreted by consumers to be more for recreational rather than informational use.

Social media as a platform for expression is increasingly widespread, used for commercial, political and individual purposes. This avid culture can be analogous to a gust of hot volcano clouds bursting into a crowd, erasing their unique identities, represented here by the subject appearing shocked to see a cone dish about to explode like a volcanic eruption.

Artist’s Bio

Danni Febriana

Danni Febriana

Mr Febriana graduated from the State University of Semarang, Indonesia. His artworks are often presented in the charcoal medium and realist style. His works often challenge people’s collective memory and consciousness through his satirical and surreal approaches.