2019 UOB Painting of the Year

Recycle is the New Enlightenment

Established Artist Category


Artist: Ayu Arista Murti
Title: Recycle is the New Enlightenment
Medium: Mixed media on canvas (Acrylic, upcycled plastic and yarn)
Size (cm): 173 x 91

We are now in a plastic age. In ancient Javanese literature Jongko Joyoboyo, it refers to the situation where crime and falsehood becomes legal, and the truth becomes wrong and vague. To the artist, plastic has the connotation of being artificial, and therefore the practice of making hoaxes and false information in our everyday interactions can be classified as a plastic culture.

In addition to being part of our everyday culture, plastic has actually entered the human body. When pieces of plastic residue flow through our veins and into our vital organs, they break down the immune system and cause illnesses as well as mutations.

Plastic recycling movements symbolise the enlightenment of men in the plastic age. This movement is part of one’s journey and process towards maturity in life, from darkness to enlightenment.

Artist’s Bio

Ayu Arista Murti

Ayu Arista Murti

Ms Murti graduated from Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is active in various group exhibitions both locally and internationally, including Indonesia, Japan and Australia. She received several accolades namely, Top 5 of Indonesian Art Awards by Phillip Morris Company and YSR in 2003 and The Best Encounter of Two Millennial Country Peru - Indonesia, Embassy of Peru, Jakarta in 1996.