2019 UOB Painting of the Year


Highly Commended
Established Artist Category


Artist: Om Mee Ai
Title: N-BIN92
Medium: Mixed media on canvas (Glossy medium, oil and tapes)
Size (cm): 92 x 92

In N-BIN92, the artist explores new methods and experiment different materials to create a mosaic-like visual effect. While the emphasis is on the repeated geometries, the combination of traditional and unconventional materials enhances the mixture of multi-layered colours and texture embedded in the artwork.

Art is a reflection of an internal reality and should intrigue and hopefully uplift the spirit, emotions and mind. The artist tries to achieve it through the medium of abstract painting that displays the mixture of multiplied grids and translucent layers of colours. To the artist, abstract painting is an open-ended dialogue between the artist, artwork and viewer.

Artist’s Bio

Om Mee Ai

Om Mee Ai

Ms Om is a veteran artist known for her meticulously executed geometric abstract paintings that demonstrate a painstaking dedication to layers and details. She is a multiple award winner of the UOB Painting of the Year competition, with her latest award in 2014 as the top winner of the Established Artist Category.