2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Memories of Memories No. 5

Emerging Artist Category


Artist: Wachiravit Samart
Title: Memories of Memories No. 5
Medium: Mixed media on canvas (Acrylic and ink)
Size (cm): 175 x 175

Memories of Memories No. 5 is a detailed depiction of a classic Thai cabinet standing in a room decorated in a traditional Thai style.

For the artist, the beauty of Thai art and craftwork does not fade over time, seen in his meticulous rendition of the fine details of the objects in his artwork. Whether they are old works or new creations, to him, Thai art will always exude beauty and value. By capturing the definitive characteristics of Thai style and aesthetics, the artist wants to conserve the beauty of Thai art and the essence of being Thai so that they will be able to last through time.

Artist’s Bio

Wachiravit Samart

Wachiravit Samart

Samart is a 12-year-old student from Phuket, Southern Thailand. He started drawing since he was five years old and is particularly interested in Thai art. He has held solo exhibitions in Thailand, and many of his works have been auctioned off to build a hospital and help poor patients.