2019 UOB Painting of the Year

Last Breath of Ananda

Established Artist Category


Artist: Chukiat Sutin
Title: Last Breath of Ananda
Medium: Mixed media on tissue paper (Acrylic, ashes, charcoal, fishing nets, plastic caps and seashells)
Size (cm): 180 x 150

“Ananda Fish” in ancient Thai belief represents the fabulous nature of the world that is both great and wonderful. However, it is being strangled and destroyed by human’s thoughtlessness in the midst of the unrelenting technology advances, causing grave environmental pollution, especially the trash situation in the oceans. Through Last Breath of Ananda, the artist hopes to create awareness on the crisis faced by nature today. The artwork is created using seashells, abandoned plastic caps and fishing nets collected from his birthplace.

Artist’s Bio

Chukiat Sutin

Chukiat Sutin

Mr Sutin is an artist and art professor of College of Fine Arts, Nakornsri Thammarat, Thailand. His artworks have been exhibited in many exhibitions in Thailand and internationally, including Thai-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Toyama Cultural Centre, Japan. His artworks depict Thai ideal with the marine environmental problems, changing conditions of fishermen’s life and the human consciousness of the sea which focuses on technology advancement that destroys the nature.