2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Impermanence of Life 1

Established Artist Category


Artist: Jongjit Moolmat
Title: Impermanence of Life 1
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size (cm): 180 x 160

Impermanence of Life 1 takes on a philosophical approach in its exploration of life and contentment.

For the artist, the journey of life is strewn with sadness and happiness. The experience of melancholy and bliss is a natural part of our existence. Here, the subject’s pensive expression, with the lower part of her face submerged in water seems to suggest that sorrow can overwhelm a person. However, all is not lost. The artist believes that as long as one understands this dichotomy to be an innate part of life and accepts it as the truth, one will be free from the need to be possessive and learn to let go of sadness in life.

Artist’s Bio

Jongjit Moolmat

Jongjit Moolmat

Mr Moolmat is from Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. He was the 2016 UOB Painting of the Year (Thailand) Award winner in the Established Artist category, and his works have been displayed in several group exhibitions in his country, including at the Art Bridge Chiang Rai Art Exhibition between 2015 to 2018.