2019 UOB Painting of the Year


Highly Commended
Established Artist Category


Artist: Billy Soh Wee Leong
Title: I Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains
Medium: Cyanotype sensitiser on Korean bark paper toned with soda ash solution
Size (cm): 68 x 203

I Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains is a chemistry painting which involved spraying cyanotype sensitiser on Korean bark paper, shaping the paper into terraforms while exposing it under strong sunlight and rinsing the paper with water before toning it with a diluted soda solution.

Being a photographer, the artist is amazed by the process of exploring the photographic medium in the most minimal way and what the medium is capable of. Ink and paper spoke languages, while cyanotype sensitiser and paper added dimension to reacting with light.

Artist’s Bio

Billy Soh Wee Leong

Billy Soh Wee Leong

Mr Soh loves making things, images, sounds and music. He believes that shutter lens can capture more than what the human eye can perceive, and the mind can conjure up more than what the camera can capture. He constantly pursues a photographic practice that stays true to its roots as an art form instead of being merely documentation.