2019 UOB Painting of the Year

Eat Pray Love

Established Artist Category


Artist: Dwi Januartanto
Title: Eat Pray Love
Medium: Rice sack and plastic rope
Size (cm): 100 x 180

Eat Pray Love is inspired by a cognitive activity in semantics and linguistic philosophy. The main text in the artwork reads “MAKAN MAKNA” (the meaning of eating). The artwork is made of rice sacks and plastic rope, inspired by the artist’s own socio-economic condition as a farmer-artist. Sacks are often re-used as containers for harvests, fertiliser and soil, whereas plastic rope is usually used to stitch the sacks once they are filled.

The corn image on the sack was chosen to reflect the reality of corn farming at Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia. The font type of MAKAN MAKNA resembles the Metallica bands that reflect the phenomenon of global-local migration, narrated through symbols.

Artist’s Bio

Dwi Januartanto

Dwi Januartanto

Mr Januartanto graduated from Surabaya State University, East Java, Indonesia. He is active in several group exhibitions including “Jatim Art Now”, 2012 and “Art With Purpose” United Nations Day, 2016. He also had a solo exhibition organised by “Angst”, C2O Library and Collaboration, Surabaya in 2018.