2018 UOB Painting of the Year

Angs’t (ANGST)

2018 UOB Southeast Asia Painting of the Year

2018 UOB Painting of the Year
Established Artist Category


Artist: Suvi Wahyudianto
Title: Angs’t (ANGST)
Medium: Mixed media on aluminium plate (Resin, plastic, enamel and pigment)
Size (cm): 100 x 150

Angs’t (ANGST) narrates a personal experience and collective social memory towards conflicts, focusing on the important role of empathy.

To the artist, despite our racial and cultural differences, we are essentially the same. This artwork thus evokes our sense of empathy towards the lives of innocents in the face of conflict and symbolises the hope that someday, the thick wall that separates us from seeing and treating each other as equal human beings will come down.

Artist’s Bio

Suvi Wahyudianto

Suvi Wahyudianto

Mr Wahyudianto graduated from the Surabaya State University in 2017. His artworks are inspired by everyday life, past memories, and his interest in history. His passion for literature and theatre also helps him transform ideas into more contemplative artworks, with his experimental use of various techniques and mediums in his artistic process.