About UOB Painting of the Year

  • 38th UOB Painting of the Year38th UOB Painting of the Year

Driven by a passion to encourage talented artists in their creative pursuits, United Overseas Bank (UOB) started the Painting of the Year competition in Singapore in 1982. Today, the annual art competition is the longest-running in Singapore and one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia.

Held in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the UOB Painting of the Year competition has helped to uncover a new generation of Southeast Asian artists and contributed to greater awareness and appreciation of art.

Mr Goh Beng Kwan, one of Singapore’s masters of modern art, was the inaugural winner of the competition in 1982. Mr Goh went on to receive Singapore’s most distinguished art award, the Cultural Medallion, in 1989. Other well-known artist who won the competition are the late Mr Anthony Poon and Mr Chua Ek Kay in 1983 and 1991 respectively. Both artists are recipients of the Singapore Cultural Medallion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The UOB Painting of the Year competition is open to the all Citizens and Permanent Residents of the organising country only. For example, Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible to take part in UOB Painting of the Year organised in Singapore whereas Thailand Citizens and Thailand Permanent Residents are eligible to take part in UOB Painting of the Year organised in Thailand.

Participation in the competition is free.

The competition is divided into two categories:

  1. Established Artist Category
    • The Established Artist Category is open to experienced professionals with a strong portfolio of work. They must have shown their paintings in solo or group exhibitions (excluding school graduation shows); be represented by a gallery; or have achieved recognition through art awards.
  2. Emerging Artist Category
    • The Emerging Artist Category is open to aspiring artists who are pursuing an art education; are taking their first steps to a career in art; or simply paint for pleasure.

Participants may enter their artwork in only one of the two categories.

There are no age restrictions for either the Established Artist or Emerging Artist Category.

Established Artist Category
UOB Painting of the Year
(Country’s Top Winner)
Gold Award US$10,000
Silver Award US$8,000
Bronze Award US$5,000
UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year
(This regional prize is awarded to the most outstanding of the four UOB Painting of the Year country winners.)
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Residency Programme
(One of the four UOB Painting of the Year country winners will be selected for a residency programme at the renowned Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.)
Sponsored by UOB
Emerging Artist Category
Most Promising Artist of the Year
(Top Winner of Emerging Artist Category)
Gold Award US$2,500
Silver Award US$1,500
Bronze Award US$1,000

Each participant may submit a maximum of three entries.

All award-winning paintings, including the documents and materials submitted to UOB, shall become the property of UOB. Participants are advised to photograph their submissions for their own records prior to participation.

Paintings in acrylic, batik, Chinese brush, collage, crayon, ink, mixed media, oil, watercolour or other media are accepted. Collages, two-dimensional embossed paintings and three-dimensional paintings are accepted, subjected to a maximum thickness of 5cm (inclusive of frames).

Paintings are recommended to be within 180 centimetres in height and width (inclusive of frames). Framing is optional.

Painting submitted must be original and should not have been created more than two years prior to the submission date. Participants should not submit artworks that have been offered for sale, published, or publicly exhibited.

Video artworks, installations and sculptures will not be accepted.

Artworks will be judges based on these criteria: message, creativity, composition and technique.

Entries will be judged by a panel of local and/or overseas artists/art connoisseurs/art critics/curators or other creative professionals appointed by UOB.

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