Art In Colours

Unleash your creativity with our Art In Colours series, that brings to life the winning artworks of the UOB Painting of the Year competition.

Art In Colours is part of our new UOB Art Explorer, an online visual arts programme that helps you to learn and to explore the world of art through a comprehensive series of art tutorials, art therapy sessions, art storytelling and virtual exhibitions.



Endless Love by Kit Tan

Endless Love is a visual treasure-trove of the Kit’s memories of her mother and exudes warmth and optimism.

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Berbagi Cerita (Sharing Stories) by Tito Tyramei

Berbagi Cerita (Sharing Stories) depicts a fish whispering to a child about the increasing high levels of ocean pollution.

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Three Worlds by Yang Kaiwen

Inspired by one of the world's famous graphic artists, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Three Worlds imagines isolation in a surrealistic setting.

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