UOB Sustainability Highlights UOB Sustainability Highlights

Sustainability Through Education

We believe that education has the ability to change lives for the better as it lays the foundation for the future. UOB supports programmes that develop young minds from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special needs. In building inclusive communities, we can enhance the well-being of children and develop them to their full potential.

Bridging the digital divide for disadvantaged students

UOB launched UOB My Digital Space, a multi-year education programme to bridge the digital gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds across the region exacerbated by COVID-19, to provide them with the essentials for their digital learning journey now and into the future. UOB My Digital Space will be rolled out across six markets in the first year. It has benefitted more than 680 disadvantaged students across Asia to date.

UOB continued in its support for My Digital Bootcamp since the launch last year, taking it into a virtual mode in 2020 with Central Community Development Council (CDC). It aimed to help fulfill Singapore government’s goal of developing a pipeline of young technology talent for our digital economy.

Building Preschools of the Future

Through a partnership with Shanghai Huji Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by entrepreneurs in Shanghai, UOB China committed its support to the Preschools of the Future (POF) programme to improve the quality of preschool education in rural China. The initiative included supporting a kindergarten in Pu’er in Ximeng County, Yunnan Province, through the funding of education for 30 children, and through systematic management and professional guidance for teachers and local village committees.

Cultivating learning through books

Through UOB Heartbeat Book Donation, colleagues from UOB Thailand donated books for children and youth through its collaboration with Children and Youth Development in Remote Area Foundation, also known as Kor Por Dor. It has a holistic outreach of 1,000 schools with a population of 150,000 students nationwide. The donation comprised of 3,832 books including textbooks, literature, dictionaries and knowledge and skill development books.

UOB China worked with Hug Chinese Philanthropy and Amity Foundation to launch the Read for Good programme to encourage children to read more. The programme aimed to provide books for close to 1,600 underprivileged children in five schools in the Yunnan Province. Hug Chinese Philanthropy is training 108 teachers at the schools over a 12 month programme to coach and facilitate children in their reading.

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