UOB Sustainability Highlights UOB Sustainability Highlights

Offering Wealth Solutions

We can forge a future for generations as we help steer our customers’ wealth to responsible investments. Sustainable investing means investing in progress, as it directs funds towards companies that are working on innovative solutions to address issues of climate change and resource scarcity and to foster inclusive growth.

We work closely with well-respected specialists in their respective fields to screen, to score, to monitor and to provide sustainable investment solutions across several asset classes. Through the collaborations, we can offer solutions that enable our customers to contribute meaningfully to environmental and societal well-being, while growing their wealth responsibly and sustainably over the long term. Our suite of sustainable solutions includes:

  • Unit trusts
  • Bonds
  • Structured notes

An example of a sustainable unit trust that we are offering is the Allianz Global Sustainability Fund, a fund that invests in quality global stocks with sustainable growth, while also aiming to have a positive and measurable impact on society. Launched in 1999, the fund is one of the oldest and best-rated sustainable investing funds in the market.

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