UOB Sustainability Highlights UOB Sustainability Highlights

Investing For Impact

UOB Venture Management’s Asia Impact Investment Fund (AIIF) is committed to improving the well-being and livelihoods of low-income communities, also known as the ‘base of the economy pyramid’, in Southeast Asia and China.

The AIIF offers institutional and high-net-worth investors a strong value proposition to support sustainable growth businesses with impact-driven business models. It has a double bottom-line fund mandate, valuing both financial return and social impact through investments in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, financial inclusion and education. More than 16 million low-income individuals have benefitted from the efforts of AIIF’s portfolio companies.

The impact of AIIF

farmers reached through introduction of higher-value crops, inputs and technology.

Access to Finance
micro-entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Myanmar have gained access to finance, helping them to build or invest further in their business or agriculture endeavours.

individuals including 2.1 million infants in poverty-stricken countries have gained access to nutritional supplements, reducing anaemia, and malnutrition. More than 1 million patients in less developed parts in Indonesia and the Philippines gained healthcare access.

youths from low-income households have gained access to quality educational content, improving individual learning outcomes and national education outcomes.

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