Credit Ratings Overview

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A snapshot of UOB Group's credit ratings by Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch and selected local credit rating agencies.


Moody's Rating
Long-Term Bank Deposits Aa1
Short-Term Bank Deposits Prime-1
Outlook Stable
Baseline Credit Assessment a1
Standard & Poor’s Rating
Long-Term Counterparty Credit AA-
Short-Term Counterparty Credit A-1+
Long-Term Outlook Stable
Stand-alone Credit Profile a
Fitch Rating
Long-Term Issuer Default Rating AA-
Short-Term Issuer Default Rating F1+
Outlook Stable
Viability Rating aa-
Support 1
Support Rating Floor A-

Subsidiaries' ratings

UOB Malaysia  
Rating Agency Malaysia Berhad Rating
Long-Term Financial Institution Rating AAA
Short-Term Financial Institution Rating P1
Outlook Stable
UOB Indonesia  
Fitch Rating
National Long Term Rating AAA(idn)
Outlook Stable

UOB Thailand    
International Long-Term Rating A- Baa1
International Short-Term Rating F2 P-2
National Long-Term Rating AAA(tha) --
National Short-Term Rating F1+(tha) --
Outlook Stable Stable
Standalone rating (without support) bb+ ba1
Support Rating 1 --

UOB China    
China Chengxin International
Long-Term Rating A+ AAA
Short-Term Rating F1 --
Outlook Stable Stable
Support Rating 1 --