Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

Board Duties

  The UOB Board views good corporate governance as fundamental to the creation, protection and enhancement of the value of the Bank, and to achieving sustainable growth.

The Board is responsible for:
  • providing strategic direction, entrepreneurial leadership and guidance;
• approving business plans and annual budgets;
• ensuring that financial statements are true and fair;
• monitoring financial performance;
• determining capital/debt structure;
• setting dividend policy and declaring dividends;
• approving major acquisitions and divestments;
• reviewing risk management framework and system;
• overseeing the performance of Management;
• setting company values and standards;
• considering sustainability issues in formulating strategies;
• overseeing the management and monitoring of environmental, social and governance factors that are material to the business; and
• ensuring succession planning.

The Board has established six Board Committees to perform certain duties. They are the Audit Committee, Board Credit Committee, Board Risk Management Committee, Nominating Committee, Remuneration Committee and Strategy Committee.

More information on UOB's corporate governance can be found in the UOB Annual Report.

UOB Constitution

Click here for the Constitution of UOB.

Board Committees

    • Please click here for the composition of each committee.

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting held on 20 April 2018

Directors present
- Wong Kan Seng
- Wee Ee Cheong
- Franklin Leo Lavin
- Willie Cheng Jue Hiang
- James Koh Cher Siang
- Ong Yew Huat
- Lim Hwee Hua
- Alexander Charles Hungate
- Michael Lien Jown Leam
- Alvin Yeo Khirn Hai
Notice of AGM
Appendix to Notice of AGM
CEO's presentation slides
Results of AGM
Minutes of AGM

Annual General Meeting held on 20 April 2017

Directors present
- Hsieh Fu Hua
- Wee Cho Yaw
- Wee Ee Cheong
- Wong Meng Meng
- Franklin Leo Lavin
- Willie Cheng Jue Hiang
- James Koh Cher Siang
- Lim Hwee Hua
Notice of AGM
Appendix to Notice of AGM
CEO's presentation slides
Results of AGM
Minutes of AGM
AGM general topics

Whistle-blowing policy

The Bank has a whistleblowing policy which provides for access to well-defined channels for any individual to report in good faith, without fear of reprisal, any suspected wrongdoing to the Head of Group Audit, Chairman of the Audit Committee, CEO or Chairman of the Board.

Reports may be sent to the Head of Group Audit at United Overseas Bank Limited, 396 Alexandra Road, #03-09, Singapore 119954. All reports received are accorded confidentiality and investigated independently by Group Audit, the administrator of the whistleblowing policy. Group Audit submits regular updates on whistleblowing reports received to the Audit Committee.

Code of conduct

The UOB Code of Conduct (Code) lays down the fundamental principles of personal and professional conduct expected of all employees in the UOB Group.

The Code covers aspects of the Bank's operations, including the following:

fair dealing in the conduct of business;
confidentiality of customers’ information;
protection of employees’ and business associates' personal data;
equal opportunities for employees on the basis of merit;
non-tolerance of discrimination or harassment in the workplace or cyberspace; and
zero tolerance of bribery, corruption and illegal or unethical dealings, including insider trading.

All employees must observe the Code, and any employee who violates the provisions of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees must also abide by all other codes or standards of conduct applicable in the country of operation.

Securities dealing

The Bank has a code on dealing in securities. The code requires directors and employees to comply with applicable laws on insider dealings at all times and prohibits dealings in the Bank's securities:

on short-term considerations;
during the period commencing two weeks before the announcement of the Bank's financial statements for each of the first three quarters of the financial year and one month before the announcement of the Bank's full-year financial statements; and
whenever they are in possession of price-sensitive information.

Directors and employees are informed of the prohibited dealing periods. The Bank does not deal in its securities during the prohibited dealing periods.

Investor relations policy

The Bank has an investor relations policy that governs its approach towards communicating with the investment community. It seeks to promote regular, effective and fair communication with shareholders, investors, shareholders’ proxy voting agencies, equity and fixed-income analysts and credit rating agencies. It also stipulates the disclosure of pertinent information via SGXNet and the UOB website on a fair, clear and timely basis.
UOB is covered by research teams from more than 20 brokerage firms globally. Through constant dialogues with our investment community, UOB’s senior management keeps investors abreast of the Bank’s financials, milestones and other material developments. In 2017, we conducted more than 450 meetings with analysts and investors and shared with them UOB’s corporate strategy, operational performance and business outlook through the following events:
  • Quarterly results briefings, fronted by our Senior Management, with conference call facilities arranged for overseas analysts and investors. Analysts and investors in Singapore were also invited to post-results luncheons every quarter;
  • Investor meetings, conferences and roadshows held in Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the US with equity, fixed income and ESG-focused (environmental, social and governance) investors;
  • UOB’s Corporate Day in Singapore;
  • Meetings with credit rating agencies; and
  • Annual general meeting.
The investment community may also provide feedback through the Investor Relations unit, at the following address:

Mr. Stephen Lin
Investor Relations
80 Raffles Place #05-00 UOB Plaza 2,
Singapore 048624
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