Strengthen Community Bonds

Social Impact

As part of our approach to ensuring sustainable business growth, we support investment which facilitates economic development, empowers local communities and improves lives.

The UOB Heartbeat Corporate Social Responsibility Programme connects our customers, our partners and our colleagues across the Group to harness the power of the collective for the benefit of our communities. Through partnership, philanthropy and participation initiatives, the UOB Heartbeat programme demonstrates our long-term commitment to these communities. We focus on three areas which we believe are essential for the quality and progress of society: art, children and education.

We believe that education gives good grounding and a head start in life to children, especially those from less privileged backgrounds. To help our beneficiaries develop to their full potential, we partner with other organisations to develop programmes and to conduct financial literacy workshops for them.


We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and our employees are expected to conduct their business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The UOB Code of Conduct, which sets the requirement for all employees to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, includes our policies relating to anti-bribery such asfacilitation payments, restrictions on gifts and entertainment expenses, and conflicts of interest. Our anti-corruption policy also applies to those who represent us including contract employees and vendors.

New employees are required to complete an online training module and assessment on the UOB Code of Conduct and the UK Bribery Act 2010. Subsequently, all employees are required to complete a refresher course on both topics every year. In addition, our whistleblowing procedures ensure that employees can report any concerns in a private, confidential and secure manner.

Environmental Footprint

Our approach is to manage our environmental footprint by focusing on energy efficiency, waste management and resource conservation in our operations across the Group. We are also committed to responsible financing to support sustainable development and to ensuring environmental, social and governance considerations are incorporated in our financing activities.

To increase environmental awareness among our stakeholders including our building tenants, we organise a range of programmes and initiatives that aim to promote efforts in protecting the environment. For example, we continue to participate in the annual global Earth Hour campaign by turning off the lights in our buildings to raise awareness about climate change.