Pillars Of Sustainability Strategy

The pillars of our sustainability strategy arise from our fundamental strengths and are rooted in our values. They reflect the Bank’s expertise, the responsibilities we hold and the role we can play for the long-term benefit of our key stakeholders. Each of the pillars determines a set of objectives which we strive to achieve to ensure that we implement our strategy with clear plans and purpose. For an overview of UOB's sustainability strategy and governance structure, please read here.


Sustainability Pillars

Alignment of our Sustainability Strategy and Objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

The UN SDGs set the global agenda for sustainable economic, social and environmental development by 2030 and call for action by both the public and private sectors. Of the 17 UN SDGs, we have identified 11 to which we align our sustainability strategy and objectives, as they are areas that UOB is better-placed to support.

Sustain Growth Responsibly

  • Incorporate sustainability risk elements in our approach to risk management
  • ico 16
  • Integrate social and environmental considerations into our credit evaluation and approval processes
  • ico 13ico 8
  • Increase impact investing in our portfolio allocation
  • ico 11ico 8ico 7
  • Develop and provide sustainable solutions that enable our customers to make a difference
  • ico 9ico 13ico 12ico 7
  • Align our focus with Sustainable Development Goals

Keep Customers at the Centre

  • Ensure Fair Dealing
  • ico 16
  • Harness technology to make banking simpler, smarter and safer
  • ico 9ico 8
  • Use data effectively to design intuitive customer experiences
  • ico 9ico 8
  • Make banking more accessible and inclusive
  • ico 9ico 8
  • Secure our systems and protect customer data and privacy
  • ico 16ico 8

Develop Professionals of Principle

  • Build high-performing teams and develop individuals who are guided by our values
  • ico 16ico 8ico 5
  • Embrace diverse abilities and strengths
  • ico 5ico 8
  • Develop skillsets and mindsets for the future
  • ico 16ico 8ico 5
  • Ensure workplace health and safety
  • ico 8ico 3
  • Promote work-life harmony
  • ico 8ico 3
  • Encourage employee volunteerism
  • ico 8
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • ico 8

Strengthen Community Bonds

  • Protect the financial system against those who try to abuse it
  • ico 16ico 8
  • Support businesses across all stages of growth
  • ico 8
  • Support social development in the areas of art, children and education
  • ico 16ico 4
  • Encourage sustainable procurement and supply chain
  • ico 12ico 8
  • Manage the impact of our environmental footprint
  • ico 13ico 12
  • Partner colleagues, customers and vendors to promote SDGs
  • ico 17