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Fraudulent website notification
As part of our constant monitoring of potential cybersecurity risks and threats, United Overseas Bank Limited ("UOB" or the "Bank") is aware that there have been phishing attempts targeting our clients via a fraudulent website: or

The official website of UOB in Hong Kong is

We would like to remind our clients and the public that we do not send unsolicited SMSes or emails asking them to click on a link to enter their personal or account details into a website.

We have since reported the fraudulent website to the Hong Kong Police and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and have worked with the relevant authorities to take down the fraudulent website.

If any client is concerned that they may have disclosed their personal or account information or may have conducted transactions through the fraudulent website, they should inform the Police and contact their UOB relationship manager for assistance. Clients should not provide their personal or account information to such websites.

If a client or member of the public receives unsolicited or suspicious emails or SMSes which appear to be from UOB, or if they are uncertain about the authenticity of the website, they should contact the Bank at (852) 2910 8888 for verification.

Third party emails
Please be informed that all emails from the accounts and are not issued by nor associated with the UOB Group. Recipients of such emails are advised to verify the contents and source of such emails carefully. If you have provided your personal information to the email/website or has conducted any financial transactions through these channels should immediately contact your nearest local police station or the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force at 2860 5012.

Mis-transfer of funds
Please be careful and avoid errors when you make any fund transfers. If you receive any suspicious fund transfer in your account, please promptly report to the Bank at (852) 2910 8888.