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    Venture into new markets with comprehensive export solutions


Our comprehensive suite of export solutions support your sale of goods and services by unlocking tied-up cash, mitigating risks, and providing working capital solutions. This way, you can expand to new markets and grow your business confidently.

Why choose UOB


Extend your connections through UOB Group's extensive network

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In-country advisory expertise

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Enjoy direct links with worldwide trading parties through the UOB Group’s extensive network of regional offices and worldwide correspondent relationships


Gain direct access to advisory expertise on trade solutions, local market knowledge and regulations



Manage your working capital more efficiently

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Minimise your risk exposure

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Improve cash flow with Export Financing and free up your funds for other business purposes


Add our confirmation to the Export Letter of Credit to mitigate risks of dealing with less familiar counterparties, financial institutions, or higher risk countries


Multiple-product suite that addresses various risk elements

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Manage trade transactions more efficiently

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Manage the potential foreign exchange and interest rate exposure that you may face while conducting international trade by bundling our wide range of trade solutions with Global Markets-related products such as FX Deliverable Forward, Interest and Currency Swaps, and Commodities derivatives


Take advantage of our electronic channels to help you manage your trade transactions more effectively

  • UOB Business Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus) - Allows seamless electronic submission of applications, monitoring of DHL document shipment status and timely update of transaction records. Find out more

  • UOB eAlerts - Receive trade alerts on the status of your export transactions. Find out more

Type of Solutions


Export Letter of Credit Advising

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Export Letter of Credit Discounting/Negotiation

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Export Transferrable Letter of Credit

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UOB, the Advising Bank, will authenticate your Letter of Credit before releasing the LC to you. With this, you can be assured of the authenticity of your LC, giving you greater peace of mind. You will receive a notification from us when we receive the LC.



By negotiating an export Letter of Credit with UOB, you can obtain an advancement of funds, giving you immediate liquidity to improve your cash flow, while you await payment from the Issuing Bank. 


If you are a middleman/reseller in a transaction, you can request for UOB to transfer your Export Transferrable LC to the final seller. This will eliminate the hassle of issuing an LC to purchase the goods before selling them against an Export LC, thereby helping you quickly secure the goods you have purchased.


Export Letter of Credit (LC) Confirmation

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Export Documentary Collection

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Export Bill Purchase

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If you are unfamiliar or uncertain about the credit rating of the LC issuing bank or the operating environment the bank is domiciled in, you can request for your buyer to allow UOB to confirm the letter of credit. Obtain greater peace of mind when we mitigate the risks associated with the transaction.


You can instruct UOB to present relevant documents to the buyer’s Bank on a date set by you. Upon payment or acceptance of drafts payable, the buyer’s Bank will present the documents to the buyer, giving you greater peace of mind.


UOB can provide an advance to you by financing your export bills at full value, before you receive payment from your buyers. The advance will be based on your facility with UOB.


Export Packing Credit

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Open Account Trade Finance

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UOB provides pre-shipment financing to facilitate the purchase of raw materials and the preparation of goods for shipment. An Export LC should accompany the application of the Packing Credit. Receipts from the Export LC will ultimately be used to pay off the financing.

Improve your cash flow with short-term trade financing. Based on valid supporting documents, UOB will provide Open Account Financing for the credit period offered by the seller to the buyer, enhancing your relationship with your buyer.


Value-added Services

Monitor your trade transactions with UOB eAlerts!

Monitor your trade transactions with UOB eAlerts!

Find out more
Simplify your trade processes by submitting your trade transactions via BIB

Simplify your trade processes by submitting your trade transactions via BIBPlus

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