Devika Iyer Guha

Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking

On her way to excellence

As a graduate deciding on her next steps, Devika knew exactly what she wanted — a career in Corporate Banking. This led her to the UOB Management Associate Programme, as it allows her to choose the business unit she would join at the end, and gain experiences in other segments of the Bank through the rotations offered in the programme. Find out more about her journey in the video below.


With the right attitude, I can excel at anything

Devika Iyer Guha
Relationship Manager
Corporate Banking

My name is Devika and I am a Relationship Manager with Corporate Banking Singapore.

My career at UOB started with UOB’s Management Associate Programme in 2014.

UOB’s MA Programme is slightly different from similar programmes of its nature because we get to choose the department that we want to ultimately join.

And that was a big selling point for me because it allowed me to have some kind of control over the direction of my career.

Another thing that I liked about the UOB MA Programme is that it gives you a chance to rotate across various business functions within the bank.

And this really helps because the network and the knowledge that you build over this time makes the transition from your role as an MA to your permanent role a lot easier.

For example, when I was with the investment banking team, I got a chance to see how they put a bond issuance together from start to finish.

I got some key insights into how I could pitch something like that in future to corporate banking clients.

I was also posted to Jakarta as part of the MA Programme, and that was great.

Because everybody there was very friendly and very eager to guide me along.

I had a mentor assigned to me throughout the length of the UOB MA Programme.

And that was really helpful because it allowed me to understand the work and culture at UOB a lot better.

There’s a very strong sense of camaraderie among the Management Associates, and the girls in my batch are actually some of my closest friends today.

At UOB, I’ve seen myself grow from a Management Associate to a Relationship Manager.

This has really shown me that at UOB, anybody with the right attitude can grow to excel in anything.

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