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Solar panels and wind mills in Vietnam

Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity: A snapshot of the initiative

24 May 2022
A chef cooks a dish over an open flame.

Coming right up! Cloud kitchens in ASEAN

26 Apr 2022

How free trade agreements can help you grow your business in ASEAN

22 Nov 2021

FDI interest in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector remains high, with MYR58 billion committed in 1H2021

21 Sep 2021

ASEAN's growing consumer markets and why they matter for unlocking new growth opportunities

16 Sep 2021

EU-ASEAN enterprises pursuing growth through connectivity and collaboration

06 Sep 2021

Into the foodture: ASEAN plants the seeds for food security with agritech

26 Aug 2021

Top foreign direct investment trends in Southeast Asia, according to the UNCTAD

04 Aug 2021

Indonesia: 2Q21's FDI increased by 19.6 per cent year-on-year

27 Jul 2021

Achtung ASEAN! German businesses look (South)East for growth

15 Jul 2021

Guidelines on opening a corporate banking account in Singapore

07 Jul 2021

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand: What to consider when setting up a distribution centre

26 Apr 2021
Malaysia’s digital economy plan and its impact

Key highlights from Malaysia's digital economy plan

09 Apr 2021

30 years of China-ASEAN relations: Partnering towards a shared future

08 Apr 2021
Vietnam's solar power boom

Vietnam’s solar power boom: Policy implications for ASEAN

22 Mar 2021
MAS survey upgrades 2021 GDP growth

Singapore: MAS survey upgrades 2021 GDP growth to 5.8 per cent

11 Mar 2021

Vietnam – the highest climber in this year’s Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index

18 Feb 2021

Why are Japanese brands so popular in Southeast Asia?

16 Feb 2021

Regional economic prospects driven by RCEP

01 Feb 2021

ASEAN: FDI inflows declined in 2020 but RCEP to be the next impetus

29 Jan 2021
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