Making Our Mark

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As we continue to grow in the Asia-Pacific region, we play an even bigger role in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Besides giving back to the community through financial donations, UOB firmly believes that its staff should also be actively engaged in the community through volunteer activities.

Initiated by Mr Wee Ee Cheong (Deputy Chairman and CEO of UOB Group), the UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk is an annual employee volunteer programme that brings UOB employees and their family members together to raise funds for a good cause. The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk was first held in 2007, where our employees participated in a fun run and walk event. Following the success of UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk, the event has been extended throughout the region to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. To date, UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk has raised more than S$5 million for our beneficiaries.

In running the UOB Heartbeat staff volunteerism activities, the bank hopes to achieve the following:

  • Fulfil corporate social responsibility
  • Leverage on staff volunteerism to extend UOB's company values: In pursuing business goals, there is a need to look after the people we work with and help the communities we operate in. This is achieved by giving back to the communities “with no strings attached.”

The objective of the UOB Heartbeat staff volunteerism programme is to ensure that volunteerism becomes a part of the organisation’s “DNA”, which all employees internalise and live by.

To encourage managers and employees to support volunteer activities, UOB grants all employees two days of Volunteer Care Leave. All employees are encouraged to take these two days off for volunteer activities relating to art, children and education.

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