Michelle Lim
Personal Banker

I've been with UOB for over a year now, and I'm really happy to have recently won the Platinum Award for my achievements in sales of UOB investments and savings products. It's really great to know that UOB rewards its staff for their efforts and hard work.

Although I studied business at the university, going through the PB programme has given me the solid foundation to become a Personal Banker. We are provided the necessary lessons and support, so that we can be effective professionals who provide sound investment and banking advice to our customers.

I love meeting and interacting with different people. I find my job interesting and rewarding as I get to advise customers from different backgrounds on making good investment decisions and growing their wealth. It brings me great satisfaction when their investments pay off.

I'm looking forward to being promoted to Senior Personal Banker soon, and hope to progress on to serve Privilege and Private Banking customers as I'm a sales-oriented person by nature.

Joyce Sim
Personal Banker
I was previously working as a human resources recruiter. Since I enjoy working with people, I decided to join UOB as a Personal Banker and went through the PB programme. I've been with UOB since August 2007, and am really enjoying my job as it's fast-paced and exciting.

We work hard; when there are road shows, we work six days a week, but it feels good when we bring in business. Besides, we receive monetary rewards for our efforts.

As a Personal Banker, it is my responsibility to help my clients make the best financial decisions. For example, in the current economic conditions, we may advise clients to take up guaranteed low-risk, endowment-related plans, which are structured conservatively so that they are protected from adverse changes in the economy. It brings me great satisfaction when my clients trust my recommendations.

I hope to learn more about wealth management and eventually move into a managerial role at UOB.

Christopher Chua
Senior Personal Banker
My mum works in the banking industry, and she inspired me to join a bank. I actually studied computer engineering in university, and when I was deciding which bank to join after graduation, I chose UOB as I felt that their PB programme would give me the necessary foundation to become a successful Personal Banker.

I've been at UOB for one and a half years now, and I can definitely say that UOB is a great place to work in as I receive strong support and guidance from my supervisors. I am glad I joined UOB.

As a Senior Personal Banker, I firmly believe that we are more than just bankers. It's important to build strong relationships with our clients as we help them to achieve their financial goals and wealth aspirations.

I definitely look forward to greater success at UOB and hope that I'll be given the opportunities to advance my career.

Chermaine Pang
Relationship Manager
Privilege Banking
As a Relationship Manager in UOB Privilege Banking, I handle our customers' portfolios. This involves total wealth management of their assets. I first joined UOB as a trainee Personal Banker under the PB programme straight after graduation and I've been here for the last three years.

At university, I majored in economics and management. My academic training has been useful for me in my career as a banker at UOB. I believe that there are definitely good prospects for those who are keen to join the banking industry, and UOB is a good bank to join as it is established and offers excellent financial products and services. It also provides the best training and development for staff.

Ultimately, to succeed in the banking industry, you need to have perseverance, self-discipline, and passion, and also keep abreast of the latest news and developments in the financial markets.