Foreign Exchange

Spot Contract

One agrees to buy and sell currency for immediate delivery or payment at an agreed-upon price.
  • The contract can be utilised as long as two business days later
  • Useful for transactions that are carried out at short notice

Forward Contract

One agrees to buy and sell a specific amount of a currency at an agreed-upon price, by a specific time.
  • The contract must be utilised by a specific time, in accordance with the terms stated in the contract
  • Useful for transactions that you have advance notice of


Need Professional Advice?

Manage your currency exposure and risk more effectively through our hedging solutions.
  • Receive support and advice through our experienced FX advisory and trading unit
  • Enjoy preferential FX rates* when you book through our FX hotline (6709 8808) or the eFX platform on Business Internet Banking
  • Request for a callback if you have enquiries about our FX rates


* Perferential rate is applicable only for FX contracts amount equivalent to S$20,000 and above, enquired via our FX hotline or eFX platform.